Dineo, first free credit

First credit of up to € 300 free and without interest!

Dineo is a quick money loan of up to 500 euros that is achieved in 8 minutes without the need to send documentation or paperwork. There is the possibility of collecting the money directly in the store.


Benefits Free: First free credit No Payroll: Do not With Asnef: Do not Cash: Yes Limits Minimum term: 5 days Deadline: 30 days Minimum loan: € 50 Maximum loan: € 500

Additional information of Dineo


Image result for dineo creditoDineo is a financial platform specialized in granting small online loans without papers or questions. If you need money urgently with Dineo.es you can get a quick credit of up to 500 euros (€ 300 if you are a new client), in 8 minutes and without sending any documentation. To apply for an instant loan in Dineo you must be of legal age, have a demonstrable source of income (payroll, pension or unemployment benefit) and be the holder of a bank account.

In addition, now the first loan is free , up to 300 euros and without interest.

Thanks to the automatic verification system Trustly used by Dineo , the identity of the client is verified automatically, and since it is not necessary to send any type of paper, the mini credit is achieved very quickly , in just 8 minutes.

The whole process is online, that is, through the Internet and completely confidential, without questions and with immediate response. new customers can request up to 300 euros in their first credit and up to 500 euros in successive if the borrowed money is returned normally and within the established deadlines.

Existing customers who need to request a new mini loan can do so online or by phone, new customers do not have the possibility of requesting a credit over the phone.

If the requested money is granted, it is transferred to the customer’s bank account automatically, they work with most banks so there is no waiting.

How to apply for a credit in Dineo?

First of all, you have to access the website of Dineo.es and select the amount of quick money needed between 50 and 500 euros (€ 300 for new customers). Then select the term between 5 and 30 days, it is convenient at this point to adjust the term to the real needs to lower the loan as interest is paid for each day of disposition of the money.

The next step is to fill in the form with personal and contact information. The verification of the data is then carried out automatically through the Trustly system, which is a standard and completely secure system through the customer’s online banking and to which the main banks operating in Spain are affiliated. With this system all the procedures are streamlined since it is not necessary to send any type of documentation.

The first loan is free in Dineo , without interest or commissions:

Thanks to the automatic system, customers receive the money in 8-10 minutes from when they start the application.

Requirements to obtain a loan in Dineo

– Dineo is a partner of ASNEF and EQUIFAX, so it checks if there are outstanding debts. In case of appearing in any of these lists, the money will not be granted .

– The second requirement is to be of legal age and under 75 years of age .

– The third and last requirement is to have a monthly source of income that can be payroll, pension or unemployment benefit.

By complying with the above, any person resident in Spain can request and receive a quick credit from Dineo.

Request HERE up to € 300 free in Dineo

Advantages of Dineo loans

dineo tiendas One of the features that make Money more attractive than other fast money companies is the automatic verification of your customers’ data.

But the biggest difference, and the main advantage of this company is that the money can be collected in cash in the network of Cash Converters stores that are distributed throughout Spain.

Customers who live in any city with a presence of Cash Converters stores can choose the possibility of withdrawing the money in cash and without questions in them. And as it happens in the rest of companies of this type there is also the option of receiving the money by bank transfer.

Another advantage of Dineo is that it allows you to return the money before the agreed term, in case of early return the customer only pays interest for the days for which he has enjoyed the money.

First credit of up to € 300 free and without interest!