Santander joins the fashion of instant personal loans


Undoubtedly, the personal loans of immediate income or in a maximum of 48 hours are the banking product of this Christmas. Many entities have decided to launch offers of this type and the last bank to do so has been Santander, which offers € 6,000 for any purpose to customers who have opened the 1 | 2 | 3 Account . Next we will see how these products are and in what other ways we can get a consumer credit in minutes.

How are fast bank personal loans?

<strong>How are fast bank personal loans?</strong>

Of all the products that banks have offered to finance Christmas shopping, the pre-granted personal loans are the most striking. These loans allow you to obtain financing in a matter of a few minutes, because the entity sets in advance the maximum amount that each client can request according to their economic profile and, therefore, does not have to do any previous study. For example, the Santander Instant Loan allows you to get from € 6,000 to return in 8 years to 6.95% TIN (10.55% APR) . To be able to contract it, it is necessary to open or have a 1 | 2 | 3 Account open and to contract a payment protection insurance.

There are also more and more entities that allow you to get a personal loan in just 24 or 48 hours , both to your customers and to new clients who open an account. Abanca , for example, grants his two personal loans in just one day. Let’s see how they are:

Product Maximum amount Type of interest Apply for
24 Hours Abanca Loan € 50,000 10.96% APR
Apply for
24 Hours Auto Loan of Abanca € 50,000 10.05% APR
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If Abanca does not grant both personal loans within 24 hours, it undertakes to eliminate the opening fee of € 75.

Can I get an immediate consumer credit without changing banks?

There are also entities that can grant us personal loans in 48 hours or less without having to be a client or to open an account. For example, the Cetelem Personal Loan allows you to obtain up to € 30,000 in a maximum of 48 hours and can be hired without having to change banks . The interest of this credit for consumption, which can be requested to finance any project (budget must be submitted) is from 7.18% APR . In addition, it does not include commissions or linked products of any kind.

Request a personal loan Cetelem

Other personal credits that we can get in less than 48 hours

<strong>Other personal credits that we can get in less than 48 hours</strong>

Not only do banks offer quick personal loans for this Christmas. The companies that grant online mini-credits have decided to launch advantageous promotions to compete fully with the rest of the lenders. Currently, the best minicréditos are those that we show in the following table:

Company Maximum amount Cost of € 100 to 30 days I’m interested
That good! € 900 € 29.7
Vivus € 800 € 24
Free for new customers
Twinero € 600 € 35

50% discount on Wednesday in December

MoneyMan € 1,200 € 33
Savso € 900 € 18 per month (3 months)


The price of mini loans is, in general, higher than that of other personal loans, but in return their requirements are much more flexible . To obtain these products it is not necessary to have payroll or guarantee and there are even companies that accept the requests of clients registered in lists of defaulters such as ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN. They can be easily hired through the internet and, as the procedures are very simple, you can get the amount requested in a matter of a few minutes.